Wedding Day Morning . . .

The making of this video had it’s issues. Somehow it was very WIDE… and distorted as were a few of my earlier ones… IMovie has fixed the issue as long as the operator knows what they are doing. ha ha…

So now that it is loaded properly and the Operator knows which way to have the video camera portrait vs landscape…. All should be good.

I did not get a chance to take another video after we put the table cloths on, etc. just before everyone arrived. All who attended were so excited and happy to have these two have their nuptials, they all arrived more than an hour before the ceremony.

Well I see when I uploaded the fixed video to youtube they made wide and distorted….. I think this will have to do. ALL in the future will be taken landscape since that is how they seem to end up anyway! Argh!

There were only still shots of the night lights…

Until then,

Release, Relax, Refresh, Rejoice!