The quest to be warm . . .

Happy Winter…winter_attire_artgirl


that is what it should be you see
i am in between homes at the moment…

my youngest son has been gracious
enough to offer his home to me
until i decide where it is exactly
i am to plant my roots.

that being said…..

ALL and i mean ALL
of my winter things are in my P.O.D.
who knows where AND in the front
portion; so grabbing them is
let’s just say more time consuming
than i am ready to take on.

SO . . .


i have been collecting a few things so
that i will be warm. Like a coat and a
pair of UGG’s (which i did not have anyway).

AND . . .

i needed a stocking hat to keep my
hairs and brains warm. i was not happy
with all the beanies i found already
made, so i found this gorgeous Cove Hat
pattern on the internet, by JoStorie.

if you look closely you can see that it is
labeled as “Easy”. as easy as the pattern is
it is NOT for someone who has never read
a pattern.

visit this wonderful place.
there are great patterns very reasonably priced.
most of them have enough instructions to know
IF you can do it!

i grabbed one that was definitely
“bigger than my stomach” so to speak!

my little hat adventure . . .







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