The Gathering Spot

This is a wonderful place to eat and gather. L & M picked them to make their wedding cake because they have wonderful food and they do gluten free. They are located in the quintessential town of Silverton, Oregon.

Everyone there is great and fun to be around.

We are so grateful for such a great place so close to home.

Thank you everyone at The Gathering Spot….


PS.. sorry about the distortion everyone… newbie on editing videos….. I am laying on the cutting room floor wondering what I did wrong!

UPDATE on PS: Thought I would leave the PS in there since I am still laying on the cutting room floor and I need to tell on myself. I was sure the error was with my IMovie (that is my story and I’m sticking to it.. afterall IMovie should be able to be smart enough right?) phoneography skills. Apparently in order for IMovie to upload the movie without distortion you have to take it in LANDSCAPE mode instead of portrait (wide vs tall). Now Quick Time can tell the difference and that is how I figured it out because ALL of the movies I took with my IPhone in potrait are skewed. As I was looking at all the raw footage I noticed they had been taken in both formats. HA! So I re-edited them, leaving the ridonculous parts, and put them in their appropriate posts! MY BAD the Upgrade to IMovie seems to have fixed the problem. I uploaded again and they came in correctly. Enjoy!

PPSS: Maybe I should leave a pic of the distorted? That would only be fair!