Sweater Or Pants That Is The Question? . . . . . or is it?

Swants??? Sweater or Pants ???

Do you remember Swants?

Did you see Swants?

Would you wear Swants?

As the first of two snow storms
get ready to pound the North West
with bitterly cold temperatures to
boot; I thought I would send some
fun along your way. As we batton
down the hatches it would be nice
to have a project to keep warm with.

Swants Dance!

I remembered seeing this just
before Christmas and thought it
would be a great thing to revisit
and have a great laugh… I also found
a how to video which is pretty easy
to follow.

How To Make Swants


In case you do NOT know about Swants they were created by Stephen West of West Knits. This is the an amazing quirky way to repurpose clothes. To find out more about this phenomenon click here. KUDOS to you Stehpen.

I think I am going to go out and find a great gawdy sweater to turn into Swants as soon as I can.

Don’t worry……. there will be a video for sure….