G r a t i t u d e G o d d e s s

This morning in my email box was a request from a friend of mine who is administrator of a group on facebook. The assignment was “What Are You Most Grateful For”. As I wrote I realized this needed to also be on my blog. So if you are a friend on facebook please excuse the duplication. Ha!

images-5As I rise out of bed every morning and
have gratitude for the glorious day. I
am most grateful for Life! Gratitude
everyday. Sing for it cleanses the soul,
Smile at everyone you meet, (you never
know what a smile will bring to another
soul), Love with every ounce of your
being, and by all means,
Dance like no one is watching.

Gratitude is like a pebble in a pond. The ripples go on for ever. Gratitude by Everyone would create such a collective ripple in the Universe no evil would survive!

Thank you Jay for the inspiration, I am grateful.

Please dance today!