Memorial Day… In Remembrance…..



I am missing my Daddy greatly today…….

He was lucky enough to have been stationed in Panama during WWII.
Only because of circumstances beyond his control.


Awhile before he passed he was at my home (which he came to see me almost everyday the last 4 years of his life… those moments i will always cherish and i heard many stories) He started ranting about being angry that he did not make it past flight school in the Navy and Gunnery School… He missed one too many on his visual test for being a pilot. The test consisted of pictures of ships being flashed for a minuscule amount of time. So he elected to go to Gunnery School and had 2 weeks to complete that and then was scheduled to be shipped off to the war. For those who do not know a Gunnery is the person sitting in the hole with a machine gun on the airplane. Anyway his Dad past away and he was shipped home for the funeral. The Navy does not hold graduation or class time and so he missed his chance… really no passing go no collecting two hundred dollars…. as he was sharing this story he seemed still angry with the circumstances…. I stopped him and said Dad IF your Dad had not passed and you had finished school the ODDS of YOU surviving the war were NIL.. which means you would not have met Mom nor would you have your daughters….and we would not be discussing this today…. He looked at me; smiled with a huge sigh of relief and gratefulness for his life…



The rest of the story…. well he was the Lifeguard for the Officers Swimming Pool…. and yes there are stories about that as well….

I Love you Daddy and always will…..

R E A L L Y ? ? ?

The Human Race never ceases to surprise, delight, sometimes bring sadness, and astound me….. This day and age seems to mean we single people date “online” via various websites deliciously telling us they have “just the right partner” for us….....