What’s In Your Food?

What’s In Your Food?



This is an amazing story about Isabel
and her daughter who fell ill

after moving to the United States.

The doctors were at a loss as her
daughter got progressively worse.
Isabel who was very familiar with
alternative health took matters into
her own hands and took her daughter to Dr. Neil Nathan of Gordon Medical
in Santa Rosa, California; who had written a book called,

“On Hope and Healing”: For Those Who Have Fallen Through the Medical Cracks.

Dr. Nathan diagnosed the illness as mold toxicity, likely Aspergillus Penicilliium. This causes severe allergic reactions and sensitivity to gluten, dioxins and other allergens.

They had their home tested and he was absolutely correct. Isabel decided there needed to be a way for everyone to test their environment so she started on the journey that brought her this little device you are about to see on this video. She enlisted the help of her friend Stephen Watson who thought this was a bit “Star Trek” like!

Introducing Tellspec

IMAGINE how fabulous you will feel when you are always eating good foods!

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