Secret Garden

I have been creating a secret garden in the backyard this summer. It was to create a romantic beautiful place for my L&M to get hitched. The yard has transformed over the summer to a magnificent magical place.

I have little hummers (humming birds) dashing from flower to flower collecting nectar. The butterflies are gracefully tasting each and every flower. We have lots of varieties of birds both stopping by and raising their families. They range from the tiniest finch to our Red Tailed Hawk family, including our ever floating buzzards. Of course the slugs have also found the delicacies. I am happy to say I am winning that war.

I have included a few of the early pictures. Tomorrow will be more.

Please don’t worry about the
IMG_1467lace leaf maple it really has survived.
She needed a new do! The goats destroyed
a few branches last year.