Quantum Leaps. . .

As I move to the next adventure that is waiting for me tying up loose ends is essential and sometimes painful as well as empowering. Such a sharp double edged part of life it is. Jumping quantum leaps into uncharted territory.

I spent several hours with my realtor let’s call him “J”. We drove around the property and has a much greater idea of what he has to sell and the fabulous piece of ground this is….. and really I came to a much better understanding of what it is I have here.

Many memories came flooding in.
I talked for most of those hours….
at this spot we used to….
and over here my dad did……
oh the boys used to do this here…
and on and on and on…….

OMG what a morning…
and that was only driving…..
it will be quite another thing
when we walk it later next week…….

that is when i feel most connected to it.
and the energy flows up through
the “souls” of my feet……..
getting jolts of positives and

firing one after the other…….
sparking memories i have not thought
about; it seems a lifetime ago…….



being soul connected to the
property and “ALL” who were
there before me. . .

I know them. They are
beings who have watched
over me, my whole life.

There are those who were
captured in the trees and
released when the unthinkable
happened. . . an unwelcome

Some are just Souls passing
through on their way home. . .
Young and Old alike happy to
have found the portal. . .

Others want to stay. . .

I send them off with love
and light. . .

Today I saw the Owl who
has been protecting since the

A most magnificent being.
He only flew a few trees
away as we approached the
sacred ground. Watching and
listening making sure I
am safe.

As I conquer these Quantum leaps,
I listen to a compilation my dear
friend “B” made. . .

sending love to the
Universe to heal
this place. . .

Gratitude abounds for my Wonderful Life Here and Now!


Uniquely Creating A Life Of Joy!