My Pattern is Bigger than my Stomach ?

r e a l l y ?

really_yarn_handcrafted_yarnia_cove hat_

since my expertise is NOT
reading a knitting pattern or
crochet pattern for that matter . . .

i went up to my favorite yarn store
Yarnia seeking help for this pattern that
was truly written in Greek Gibberish.

after carefully looking over the pattern
Kristina (THE amazing young woman
who handles “knock your socks off”
service with the greatest of ease,
concurred that this is not a pattern
for the person who does not understand
Greek Gibberish. it is a language and ability
of reading foreign maps for those only with
a college degree in Yarnia.

Gratefully Kristina at Yarnia graciously
said she would knit it for me. the price
of the job was extremely worth her expertise.

my little hat adventure . . .



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