Everyday Heroes

I wanted to thank my grandson and granddaughter, sons and the gorgeous Anya for helping me the past few weeks.

First my oldest grandson Darian has been coming up every weekend to stock a weeks worth of pellets in the house for me.

Kris & Anya stayed with me overnight and before they left they raked all the leaves off the back porch. It is totally awesome.

Then this week Larry came up and cleaned out the pellet stove. WOW what a difference it made. It is now running like a CHAMP! I have the proper flame and the ogger is also running much smoother. He showed me what to look for so I do not have the same problem going forward. I am so ready for winter now! Yeeehaaaawwwww!

Tim came up and stocked the pellet containers for the week for me.

Hannah came up this weekend and helped her brother bring in the pellets…….

Kids I am filled with gratitude for all your help and love. I have such a wonderful family!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


I Will Love You Forever!