Day 3 Weed Killer Experiment

This is Day 3!

Well I must say even the dandelions have wilted to nothing.day2BIGWEED As you can see here…

The Dandelions are completely wilted.
The other weeds are very droopy as well.

My question is now will the liquid go
to the roots and kill it at the base
or will there be new growth in a week
or two. We will find out. The experiment
goes on.





No worries I have one more test
to do.



Here is a photo of a blackberry vine,
quack grass, clover and the ever soqkgr~thstl~clvr~etc popular thistle!

Of course we all love eating the
cousin of the thistle, Artichoke.

Artichoke is one of my favorite vegetables
and I just learned that they are very goodfor your liver.

So there you go…